Hometown news at southern border speaks volumes about issues overlooked by national media and WH

Today’s lead story in the Rio Grande Guardian, local newspaper covering McAllen, Texas, where president Trump will make a case for construction of a $5 billion border wall. The main source in the story refers to the border as an “opportunity zone, not a danger zone.”

President Trump is traveling to McAllen, Texas, today to make his case for the construction of a border wall. There will be ample media coverage of his stop there, which, of course, is strategically arranged to reinforce his argument that there is an immigration crisis so severe, it’s a threat to our national security.

But here’s a view from another window, with a more personal perspective on the contentious debate – local news. Below you’ll find a resource of links to 11 hometown news organizations in border communities in four states.

Local journalism often gets short shrift in the national news cycle, but we think the work of these journalists has inestimable merit – and we’re not alone. A recent Poynter Institute of Media Studies poll indicated that people trust their local news far more than the national media.

SPOILER ALERT: We did not conduct a scientific content analysis of these sites, but anecdotally we found that an overwhelming amount of coverage – both news and opinion – was anti-wall.  One of the most-often cited concerns is economy – something you don’t hear much about from Trump or national news media. Most of these communities, it turns out, rely heavily on cross-border trade that not only generates revenue, but also jobs.

Not that there isn’t crime – there’s plenty – but nothing bespeaking the post-apocalyptic tropes that have been pervasive in recent weeks.

As for a border emergency, the one that emerges most often in the pages of these newspapers involves asylum seekers – not rapists or terrorists.  In fact this report with the troubling headline “Feds dump asylum seekers” – from the San Diego Union-Tribune, blames the federal government for exacerbating the problem.

But see for yourself.

The San Diego Union-Tribune, San Diego, California

The Baja Post, Baja Península, California

The Arizona Daily Independent, San Luis, Arizona

The Douglas Dispatch, Douglas, Arizona

The Las Cruces Sun News, Las Cruces, New Mexico (check out the fascinating story on the border patrol museum ) 

The El Paso Times, and The El Paso Herald Post, El Paso Texas

The Del Rio News Herald, Del Rio, Texas

The Laredo Morning Times, Laredo, Texas

The Rio Grande Guardian, McAllen, Texas

The Brownsville Herald, Brownsville, Texas

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