Cherry picking: Republicans cite ‘reviled’ mainstream media sources to make their Michael Cohen case

The crowded court room during Michael Cohen trial where reporters, committee members and Cohen and company gathered on Tuesday
The Michael Cohen hearing was rife with screaming, wailing, gnashing of teeth, as well as some ironic entries to the official record

Trying to digest the Wednesday Michael Cohen hearing is giving us heartburn, too.

What, exactly, happened there?

We may find out eventually. In the meantime, OU journalism alum Mike Larson honed in on an interesting phenomenon – a number of Republican members of the House Oversight Committee entered stories from mainstream media sources such as The Washington Post and CNN in to the official court record “to try to strengthen” their arguments that Cohen has no credibility.

The Republicans are, after all, the party of the president who disparages MSM as “fake news” and “the enemy of the people,” and voters who are most likely to say they distrust the press.

Ironic, isn’t it? These Republicans give the media credence when it suits their agenda.

Don’t know how you spent your Friday, but we painstakingly sifted through this full-length video of the hearing – a written transcript will not be available for a few more weeks, we’re told – to aggregate those requests.

Look below. The trend is obvious – facts matter.

Meanwhile, Mike Larson. I’m sure you’re doing terrific work as managing editor of the Pittsburgh Business Times, but we send our appreciation for your witty and visionary social media posts. Follow Mike on Twitter: @Milarso.

And here’s that list:

Vanity Fair: “Michael Cohen Must Be The Most Gifted Consultant in America” by Bess Levin with photos from The New York Times, May 9, 2018

LA Times: “Novartis and the fixer: New details on a big drug company’s deal with ex-Trump lawyer, Michael Cohen” by Michael Hiltzik, July 16, 2018

WaPo: “Michael Cohen’s Secret Agenda,” by Paul Schwartzman, February 9, 2019

WaPo: “Why do people keep showering cash on Trump lawyer Michael Cohen?” By Paul Waldman, May 9 2018

CNN: “CNN Feds scrutinizing Michael Cohen’s former accountant and bank loans,” by Erica Orden, August 20, 2018

WaPo: “Michael Cohen secretly recorded Trump. Does that make him a bad lawyer?”  By Deanna Paul, July 26, 2018

HuffPo: “11 Tweets From The Fake Fan Account ‘Stud’ Michael Cohen Paid to Fawn Over Him” by Lee Moran, January 18, 2019

Mother Jones: “Michael Cohen Says He’s Never Been to Prague,” by David Corn, April 20, 2018

If we missed any, give us a shout.

Note: This post was updated to correct the date of the Cohen hearing, which was Wednesday, not Tuesday. 




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