Capital Gazette: ‘Yes we’re putting out a damn paper’

Newsrooms are extraordinary places no matter whether they are as tiny as The Oakland Post or as vast as The New York Times.

The majority are more like the modest digs at the Annapolis Capital Gazette than the expansive office settings we’ve all seen depicted in films such as The Post or HBO’s “The Newsroom.”

It is our experience that most people who toil in them feel that journalism is some sort of higher calling — or as the legendary Ben Bradlee often described it, “a holy profession.”

There are always a few curmudgeons, but by and large newsrooms are filled with decent, honest people who care deeply about their communities, their audience, their colleagues, and their craft. They enjoy telling stories — good ones as well as bad ones — and most are well aware the history of their calling.

Most take exceptional pride in constructing and delivering — on deadline — a print newspaper, program, website, or broadcast.

These are, of course, intensely challenging but fundamentally important times to be working in journalism. The public has long been suspicious of the conduct of journalists. We are not held in high regard like nurses or firefighters —  in part because its our job to report bad news.

It has been said the other people’s tragedies are opportunities for journalists, and there is a certain truth to that. When dreadful news happens, the audience wants to know “who did what why.”

Our hearts go out to our colleagues in the Capital Gazette newsroom today. Here is a brief compilation of tweets that express what many are feeling:



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